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Welcome to the wiki for the Community Data Science Collective. It is open to the public and hackable by all but mostly contains information that will be useful to collective members, their collaborators, people enrolled in their projects, or people interested in building off of their work. If you're interested in making a change or creating content here, generally feel empowered to Be Bold. If things don't fit, somebody who watches this wiki will be in touch.

Public Workshops

Community Data Science Workshops — The Community Data Science Workshops (CDSW) are a series of workshops designed to introduce some of the basic tools of programming and analysis of data from online communities to absolute beginners. The CDSW have been held four times in Seattle in 2014 and 2015. So far, more than 80 people have volunteered their weekends to teach more than 350 people to program in Python, to build datasets from Web APIs, and to ask and answer questions using these data.

University of Washington Courses

Northwestern Courses & Workshop

  • Online Communities & Crowds (COMMST 378, Fall 2016) — This advanced undergraduate course presents an interdisciplinary introduction to the study of online communities and crowds, with a particular emphasis on how and why some of these systems are so wildly effective at mobilizing and organizing people in ways that seem to have been impossible a few decades ago.
  • Introduction to Graduate Research (MTS 501, Fall 2016) — The first of two required seminars in the Media, Technology & Society (MTS) and Technology and Social Behavior (TSB) programs, this course introduces first year Ph.D. students to research skills and gives guidance on how to be a productive and responsible scholar.
  • The Practice of Scholarship (MTS 503, Spring 2016) — The second of two required seminars in the Media, Technology & Society (MTS) and Technology and Social Behavior (TSB) programs, the goal for this course is simple: submit a piece of academic research for publication by the end of the quarter. The course and assignments are structured to help students cultivate (more of) the skills, wisdom, and experience necessary to publish independent, original, and high-quality scholarship in relevant venues for their work. The experience will probably feel like a combination of a writing bootcamp and an extended group therapy session.

Research Resources

If you are a member of the collective, perhaps you're looking for CommunityData:Resources which includes details on email, TeX templates, documentation on our computing resources, etc.


Unless otherwise noted, everything on this wiki is freely available under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License so you should feel encouraged to build on and expand this content.